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Budget Challenges:

  • Inflation is driving up costs
  • Federal stimulus money is going away
  • Building boom can't go on forever
  • Time for a back-up plan in case of economic slowdown
  • Respect the voter approved 3% max property tax cap

"We need fiscally conservative solutions!"

Merritt Island & Unincorporated:

  •  You need a strong and respected Commissioner that gets you fair results
  •  Fight to preserve your communities' history, values and way of life
  •  Encourage reinvestment along the commercial 520 & Courtenay corridors

"Time for an updated Vision and Road Map to get there!"

Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral & Rockledge:

  • Your Commissioner should support local city officials
  • Encourage partnerships to reduce costs and improve services
  • Support Home Rule - Government closest to voters governs best

"We have great Cities - Let's make them better!"

Paid by Dave Netterstrom, Republican, for County Commission District 2
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